I’m BACK!!

OK. So first thing’s first…

I apologise for being away for so long.

In the up and coming posts I will explain everything that has happened since my last post.

A brief overview:

1. I completed my FIRST Half-Marathon in sub 2hrs!!

2. Fran was unable to join … BUT we were still able to raise hundreds for charity

3. We managed to gain fundraising and raise money for H4H

4. I am now looking for my next challenge.

I know you’re currently sat, in suspense, dreaming of the exciting things that have occurred since October. But all will become clear soon…

For now, goodnight!

ChafingtheDream is back 🙂


Why should you watch the 2014 CrossFit games?

New challenge begins!!
Every reason to begin, there’s really no reason not to!!

Find Fitness Pros


Have you ever watched the CrossFit games or participated in a CrossFit event? Many people are busy with their lives especially on a summer weekend. If you have a free moment to sit down and enjoy some of the fitness events on ESPN I assure you that your workouts for the rest of the week will be faster, harder and more intense than ever before thanks to these reasons.

  1. Motivation: When was the last time you felt that drive inside to push yourself to be like other athletes? After watching these athletes compete I guarantee you will be more motivated than you’ve ever been.
  2. Competition: Watching these athletes compete against themselves and others at the same level will make you want to push yourself harder than ever to see how fast you can reach your fitness goals.
  3. New workouts: Ever get bored of the same workout? The CrossFit games never…

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41 Quotes From Runners That Will Help You Power Through Your Last Mile

If you ever need a quick motivational pick me up along those darkening runs, check out the Thoughtcatalog! A personal fave: ‘The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life.’ – George Sheehan. Yup …afraid I am that cheesy #runningproblems So what are you waiting for… go grab life by the sweaty trainers 🙂

Thought Catalog

Running is my private time, my therapy, my religion. Gail W. Kislevitz
A race is a work of art that people can look at and be affected in as many ways they’re capable of understanding. Steve Prefontaine
The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life. George Sheehan
Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Haruki Murakami
Running isn’t a sport for pretty boys…It’s about the sweat in your hair and the blisters on your feet. Its the frozen spit on your chin and the nausea in your gut. It’s about throbbing calves and cramps at midnight that are strong enough to wake the dead. It’s about getting out the door and running when the rest of the world is only dreaming about having the passion that you need to live each and every day with. It’s about being on a lonely road and…

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Autumn’s Here… grab your thermals.

I know most people hate the cold, and for good reason. Days getting darker, the wind roars past with half your clothing [thanking the lord I am not a woman]. But it is safe to say that I love Autumn and Winter in equal measure. To demonstrate my Autumn love I thought I would share my joy in a ‘Day in The Life’ post:

[English translation – taking a few snaps throughout the day to demonstrate how much of a goofball I am and giving it a title]

Whilst I am a sucker for sun, beaches, and dodgy tan lines that last for months; there is nothing like grabbing a hot cup of tea, slouching in a jumper and keeping warm in Autumn. And as for running, I find it’s really a win-win situation! I know many runners judge effort through sweat: don’t pretend you haven’t always subtly thought that guy/girl running with alarger sweat patch is concealing more effort against their counterpart. Thankfully [in this scenario] I have been blessed/cursed with a perspiration system that makes me drip within the first 3 miles. Although this talent could have won me Oscars in ‘The Blair Witch Project’ I am glad to be running in cooler temperatures!! And as for the second win… less human traffic.

As a qualified pedestrian myself I cannot complain too harshly on this point, but every runner [I hope!] finds the congestion on paths during summer a bit of a nuisance. Not that I don’t love to sprint past groups of people to demonstrate my Usain Bolt-esque stamina and endurance, but Autumn brings a lovely peace to the roads. A peace to which I take full advantage!!

The only slight downfall is my poor running shorts. Through fear of hyperthermia I have had to tuck those bad boys into a draw ready for warmer weather… but have no fear! In their place are equally as sexy, and much-loved Thermals. Now, the image of layering up before a run probably doesn’t sound too sexy, but just you wait.

Stage 1: Apply Base Clothing

Stage 1: Apply Base Clothing

I have for you all a beautiful treat: the photographic evidence of me a) goofing around and b) layering up like a pro:

Stage 2: Apply hat to protect genetically grown Dumbo ears.

Stage 2: Apply hat to protect genetically grown Dumbo ears.

Stage 3: look like a muppet and you're ready to go!

Stage 3: look like a muppet and you’re ready to go!

After all, as those dark clouds roll over, and people’s happiness dwindles in the rain, who doesn’t love to stare at an idiot online [for the purposes of self-deprecation and your happiness, enjoy!].

Also, my love for Autumn may have something to do with the 9mile run that I just finished. No BIGGY right… ha! Ok so my pace of 9.30 per mile isn’t going to break records, but the 9 mile run is a bit of a milestone. From the guy who could barely run to catch the ice cream van, I actually feel like a runner. And strangely enough, I think I’ve caught the bug for running. It could just be the effect of colder winds, or my brain mushing away from running… but I think all the training has finally caught up with me. No longer do I run, legs flailing behind to catch up. I have finally found that mental space where I enjoy running. [I know I don’t quite believe it either, I’ll keep you updated… it could just be exhaustion playing illusions on me 😉 ]

Post run baths... like bliss for the legs. If I could sell the feeling of a bath after a long run I would have alot more donations!

Post run baths… like bliss for the legs. If I could sell the feeling of a bath after a long run I would have a lot more donations!

Now for my other reason for loving Autumn. Getting WARM!! There simply is no better, more lush, sensation than coming in from the cold after an hour+ run and sinking in excitement to my tenderly overfilled, steaming hot bath (water bill I apologise dearly). From sweating and tightness to a deep relaxation with the blissful melodies of Daughter and London Grammar [if you haven’t heard of either bands go crack them into YouTube as fast as your fingers can type and thank me later!!]. Autumn is simply my favourite transition. And lets not forget the food. NOMin’ hell, the UK was created for winter food. Sustenance and warmth is pretty much the Welsh culinary motto, and although culturally off track from my surroundings, bubbling away was one of the nicest Red Lentil and chickpea curries I’ve made to-date. Slight Disclaimer: I am no Jamie Oliver and so my best efforts probably dwindle in reality. But DAMN, it tasted good, and was definitely needed after hitting my running milestone.

Red lentil and Chickpea curry. [I know what you're thinking, a runner and a cook. Marry him up pronto!]

Red lentil and chickpea curry. [I know what you’re thinking, a runner and a cook. Marry him up pronto!]

So that’s why I currently love Autumn. As I sit at my desk, enjoying my view of the Valley toppled by overlapping clouds, and showered by the faintest lingering rain, I am recuperating the feet with a warm cuppa T and #chafing away on the blog. Feel free to drop a comment, or laugh silently at my goofish behaviour!

And please, don’t forget to check out the donation page: every pound makes a difference!!


Have a lovely Autumn evening, I know I will with the dog cwtching on my lap in a drooling mess.


Ad 🙂

[still #ChafingtheDream]




Some Sunday Love… get #Chafing

Hey folks!

Today is the day that we have opened our little blog to everyone we know.

So grab a cuppa, rip open those hobnobs, sit back, and enjoy our journey from couch to Half Marathon! 🙂

Don’t forget, this is all in aid of Help for Heroes. So check out the informational page and our bio for more details.

Keep #Chafingthedream folks 🙂

Lots of Sunday Love

Adam and Fran

[the funniest, and most tragic runners you will ever come across]

Pain is temporary… Yeah Right!!

I have always been a sucker for motivational running playlists.

I know, I know… it is pretty sad [adding to my repertoire of running tragedy]. But when your calves are aching, and you’re panting like you’ve induced an asthma attack, the voice of some stranger telling you ‘You Can Do it!’ in 20 metaphorical anecdotes… well it works. For me anyway.

When that gruelling half point comes Mr. Eric Thomas is always there booming away in my ear. HOWEVER. This week, after amassing 20 miles of running to my name, motivation has stopped working its effective shot of adrenaline… this week has been brutal. I have gained numerous bruised toes, and well… a blister that would rival the size of an apple [don’t worry, I won’t go into too much detail as the liquid that followed was enough to make me gag].

As Eric Thomas chants into my ear…

Pain is temporary… Eventually, it will subside. And something else takes its place.

If I quit, however, it will last forever. – Eric Thomas.

 Temporaryeventually … All great words Mr. Thomas, but this week temporary was starting to run into an eternity. And not an eternity of joy either!

How I ended most runs this week... collapsed in the bath!

How I ended most runs this week… collapsed in the bath!

As I ended every run, my body despising my life choices, I could only make the slow crawl to the bath and submerge myself in pity.

Yet here I am now, blister healed and looking semi-normal, #chafing away at my desk. Cuppa Tea in hand, running shoes strategically placed next to the door. I am off for my next run! [I thought now would be a good time as the home roast dinner sizzles and melts away in excitement … well to be honest it’s my stomach and appetite that’s excited!]

So pain is apparently temporary. Although good ol’ Thomas does make it seem like an easy adventure, running in the build up to the Half marathon is anything but! But like most of my posts, the opening melodramatic whining has ended up an optimistic valuation of things [I’m just a cynical git really… you’ll get used to it… or stop reading – please be the former].

As much pain as running does bring, I can’t seem to stop. So the 28 day deadline does have some reason for that, but I like to think I’m on my way to becoming at least a dedicated runner. Successful… probably not. Intermediary??20130907_191630

What can I say, when you’re running with views as good as mine, I can handle a little temporary pain. Because eventually you come to realise it isn’t so bad…

[give it a week until the 5th blister and gollum-esque feet and I’ll change my mind].

Have a good weekend!!

Adam 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Help for Heroes page to see why Fran and I are running!! Oh, and a cheeky donation would be lavvvvvly. Cheers folks!

A History Of Running…

So in an entertaining post I thought I’d share a small, yet comical, insight into my experience of running so far.

(I was going to blog about the severe calf burn of last nights Hill Sprints but I’m sure hearing about me panting and spluttering up the local Valleys, while hoping not to fall in a ditch, didn’t sound too entertaining!)

So, as you are now experts of my ‘larger than life’ past you will know that my running experience isn’t too big. Yet, whilst brief, I think you will find my experience outweighs the running of most. I have always been socially unfortunate, not in the friend sense [I’m a true mingler of sorts] … my unfortunate existence falls more under the category of Tragic. Let me explain in 5 brief events and let you decide:

1. Saving a Life, and looking like a creep: on one eventful afternoon as I jogged happily along a woodland trail, enjoying the quiet nature that surrounded me I soon heard the screams of some local kids [I say heard, it was only until I was 5m away that the high pitched fear was audible over my enjoyment for Katy Perry’s ‘I kissed a girl’]. Now before you judge my music choices let’s not forget the screaming gang. So after a few minutes it turned out that a school girl had fallen in the river and couldn’t climb the bank. So the Hero within soon yanked her out, while the possy of kids filmed my success for the delights of YouTube and a You’ve been framed paycheck! However, rather than looking like a modern day Superman  ,as a few walkers passed the sight of me holding a girl and her, drenched to her waist in mud, caused more than a little reaction. Let’s just say I looked like a crime watch case waiting to happen! And not even a thanks…

2. A Paula Radcliffe, without the poise: this summer as I jogged along a local bike route I thought, what a beautiful day. The sun was beaming, a breeze gently wafting the occasional/frequent sweat from my brow. Bliss I hear you cry? Well no. Not in the slightest. A mile in I happened to jog past a family, lovely cute daughter. Now before you get broody this picturesque family image is deceptive. No sooner than I had headed towards them I realised the little girl was well… squatting. And not in the muscle building sense either. Yes, I’m afraid to say I have witnessed a Paula Radcliffe moment of my very own… and no, it was not cool. *mental note,  never go on the cycling path, there’s more than dog mess to dodge!*

3. How low can you really go? I often run in my running shorts, which I find both comfortable and attractive: no matter who you are, the chance of bumping into my future wife means I am always prepared! She most definitely won’t be prepared for me. So as I leave, to the amusement of my housemates, I realise these shorts may be just a tad too short.  Now I’m all for comfort, but I was pushing the boundary a little too far. Far enough that a poor pensioner gained more than an eyeful as I stretched along the promenade! But I must admit, even though I knew my loved Adidas shorts would potentially get me arrested I still haven’t parted with them, but have no fear… they will not be making an appearance at the Half Marathon!


4. Falling from grace: now this is only a short story (cheers erupting from readers everywhere! ) but equally as embarrassing as all the rest. Now I’m sure plenty of runners have fallen over, ok so most move past the Bambi on Ice stage when they hit 10, but alas I am not as fortunate. One day, finishing my run with some hasty sprint intervals, hoping people everywhere would be amazed at my speed and strength, I came to the last 800m which happens to be outside my local pub. Not flashing red lights yet? Well, mix one clutz and a concrete pavement outside a beer garden packed full of drunks and what do you get? A bruised and bloodied gimp, wrestling with gravity and a lifetime of embarrassment. The 2 seconds would have gone by in no time, but apparently adding the heckling of a drunken crowd and 2 seconds transforms into a feeling of 2hours. Let’s just say, I’ve not passed the pub since… and I’m secretly hoping for a plaque on the wall – ‘went down like a sack of sh*t 2013’


5. Last but not least, getting lost…for over an hour: now you’d think studying geography I would have a good sense of direction. But no. Clueless. Having been running for 20 minutes I soon got into a run-off with a stranger. Now as harmless as that sounds, it is far from it. We’ve all been there, you spot a runner about to pass you and before you know it you’re reinacting London Olympics as if beating this poor stranger will result in glory and gold. Well shamefully I gained neither. In fact what I did gain was a quick panic as I’d raced into a part of the valley I’ve never seen. So, a few housr later I stagger home, having gone to the extent of Google maps to save my bacon,  and found my sister wondering why I’d been so long. Rather than tell the truth I resorted to a bare lie: ‘oh I’ve just finished a 15mile run, phew knackered’… yes, I stalked a stranger for glory,  and yes I pretended to be an adonis whilst I was at it. Tragic runner.


So there you have It,  in 5 brief moments you can see how unfortunate and tragic my running life has been. And don’t worry, I am quite certain further embarrassment is just around the corner. Best get running and continue the tragedy!

I’ll keep you updated on any developments through #chafingthedream 😉



Training on the go…

Now I understand why being an athlete is deemed to be a career. Trying to juggle running, gym training and commuting to job interviews is enough of a job in itself!

Ok, so that may be a slight exaggeration, but it has become a tad relentless of late. [Which is why, I shamefully haven’t #Chafed on this blog in a while]

I apologise for that. But even though training has been hectic the Cardiff Half is closing in on me and fran: we are far from ready for 13 miles. We may even break records for the slowest finish time in race history [still a record though 😉 ]

So as I sit here, tappin away on my phone, travelling to Cheltenham I have come to truly understand the meaning of multi-tasking. My running trainers and ultra short running gear [I’m renowned for my thigh hear attire – I’ll leave the short debate for another time!] are packed and ready to go as soon as I arrive. Life no longer dreams of unprepared days, and I am beginning to love that fact. From pre-cooking meals of delightful protein and greens to checking running routes at every place I stop off, life in the fast and unrelenting lane has gripped my by the short shorts.

Have a lovely weekend folks and don’t forget to check out our donation site!!

All the best 🙂

Adam [still happily #chafing the dream of a marathon]




Why Run?? There are many more [easy] ways to raise money for Charity right?

What better way to begin #Chafing [my new catchy-phrase for blogging on ChafingTheDream…it’ll catch on. Just you wait!] than to begin with my love for running.

The only thing greater than my love for charity is my, newly found, love for running. Don’t worry, before you fret that this Blog consists of inspirational athleticism, I have never been a natural runner.

No I hear you say... well Yes apparently so!

No I hear you say… well Yes apparently so!

Shocking I know, and I apologise for breaking any mental images you may hold of an Adonis typing away at the keyboard.

Quite frankly, I was allergic to exercise: a sickness made worse by an unfortunate love for all things cake. Before you laugh, you can be allergic to running: Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis is the snappy title.


Life of Pi: adapted from my teenage life. IMDB it…

But no, joking aside I wasn’t allergic to exercise. Just a larger-than-life kid who grew up on the wrong side of the track [running track that is!]. But then I decided to drop the weight and begin my running adventure. An easy journey it was not, but years in I don’t think I could ever stop. However, I can’t admit to be either a professional,or evenan attractive runner: imagine a penguin crossed with a rhino bobbing away down the road, contently of course, and you are probably close to the natural wonder that is me attempting to jog.

True Story...

True Story…

So after the cheeky snap shot of my brief running life, I have decided to dedicate my running to charity. What’s better than to do what you love and help others at the same time?? A winning life formula: expect my self-help life guru book to be with you shortly!

Ok, so I’m not quite hitting philanthropist of the Globe 2013, but every little step in the right direction is good enough for me. And so here I am, currently dying at my chair, legs feeling like jello, after another run in the build up to the Cardiff Half-Marathon in October. Nothing too crazy to report on todays run, no fellow joggers outside [probably enjoying their evening in the sane way, out of the rain]. Just me, my waddle, and my ipod blaring Rudimental across the Welsh valley hills.

So wish me luck, I’ll be posting more comical #Chafes [it will catch on!] for you to enjoy soon!!

Please feel free to drop a comment, any training tips, music suggestions or inspirational words of wisdom.

Muchos love,

Ad 🙂