Autumn’s Here… grab your thermals.

I know most people hate the cold, and for good reason. Days getting darker, the wind roars past with half your clothing [thanking the lord I am not a woman]. But it is safe to say that I love Autumn and Winter in equal measure. To demonstrate my Autumn love I thought I would share my joy in a ‘Day in The Life’ post:

[English translation – taking a few snaps throughout the day to demonstrate how much of a goofball I am and giving it a title]

Whilst I am a sucker for sun, beaches, and dodgy tan lines that last for months; there is nothing like grabbing a hot cup of tea, slouching in a jumper and keeping warm in Autumn. And as for running, I find it’s really a win-win situation! I know many runners judge effort through sweat: don’t pretend you haven’t always subtly thought that guy/girl running with alarger sweat patch is concealing more effort against their counterpart. Thankfully [in this scenario] I have been blessed/cursed with a perspiration system that makes me drip within the first 3 miles. Although this talent could have won me Oscars in ‘The Blair Witch Project’ I am glad to be running in cooler temperatures!! And as for the second win… less human traffic.

As a qualified pedestrian myself I cannot complain too harshly on this point, but every runner [I hope!] finds the congestion on paths during summer a bit of a nuisance. Not that I don’t love to sprint past groups of people to demonstrate my Usain Bolt-esque stamina and endurance, but Autumn brings a lovely peace to the roads. A peace to which I take full advantage!!

The only slight downfall is my poor running shorts. Through fear of hyperthermia I have had to tuck those bad boys into a draw ready for warmer weather… but have no fear! In their place are equally as sexy, and much-loved Thermals. Now, the image of layering up before a run probably doesn’t sound too sexy, but just you wait.

Stage 1: Apply Base Clothing

Stage 1: Apply Base Clothing

I have for you all a beautiful treat: the photographic evidence of me a) goofing around and b) layering up like a pro:

Stage 2: Apply hat to protect genetically grown Dumbo ears.

Stage 2: Apply hat to protect genetically grown Dumbo ears.

Stage 3: look like a muppet and you're ready to go!

Stage 3: look like a muppet and you’re ready to go!

After all, as those dark clouds roll over, and people’s happiness dwindles in the rain, who doesn’t love to stare at an idiot online [for the purposes of self-deprecation and your happiness, enjoy!].

Also, my love for Autumn may have something to do with the 9mile run that I just finished. No BIGGY right… ha! Ok so my pace of 9.30 per mile isn’t going to break records, but the 9 mile run is a bit of a milestone. From the guy who could barely run to catch the ice cream van, I actually feel like a runner. And strangely enough, I think I’ve caught the bug for running. It could just be the effect of colder winds, or my brain mushing away from running… but I think all the training has finally caught up with me. No longer do I run, legs flailing behind to catch up. I have finally found that mental space where I enjoy running. [I know I don’t quite believe it either, I’ll keep you updated… it could just be exhaustion playing illusions on me 😉 ]

Post run baths... like bliss for the legs. If I could sell the feeling of a bath after a long run I would have alot more donations!

Post run baths… like bliss for the legs. If I could sell the feeling of a bath after a long run I would have a lot more donations!

Now for my other reason for loving Autumn. Getting WARM!! There simply is no better, more lush, sensation than coming in from the cold after an hour+ run and sinking in excitement to my tenderly overfilled, steaming hot bath (water bill I apologise dearly). From sweating and tightness to a deep relaxation with the blissful melodies of Daughter and London Grammar [if you haven’t heard of either bands go crack them into YouTube as fast as your fingers can type and thank me later!!]. Autumn is simply my favourite transition. And lets not forget the food. NOMin’ hell, the UK was created for winter food. Sustenance and warmth is pretty much the Welsh culinary motto, and although culturally off track from my surroundings, bubbling away was one of the nicest Red Lentil and chickpea curries I’ve made to-date. Slight Disclaimer: I am no Jamie Oliver and so my best efforts probably dwindle in reality. But DAMN, it tasted good, and was definitely needed after hitting my running milestone.

Red lentil and Chickpea curry. [I know what you're thinking, a runner and a cook. Marry him up pronto!]

Red lentil and chickpea curry. [I know what you’re thinking, a runner and a cook. Marry him up pronto!]

So that’s why I currently love Autumn. As I sit at my desk, enjoying my view of the Valley toppled by overlapping clouds, and showered by the faintest lingering rain, I am recuperating the feet with a warm cuppa T and #chafing away on the blog. Feel free to drop a comment, or laugh silently at my goofish behaviour!

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Have a lovely Autumn evening, I know I will with the dog cwtching on my lap in a drooling mess.


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[still #ChafingtheDream]