Training on the go…

Now I understand why being an athlete is deemed to be a career. Trying to juggle running, gym training and commuting to job interviews is enough of a job in itself!

Ok, so that may be a slight exaggeration, but it has become a tad relentless of late. [Which is why, I shamefully haven’t #Chafed on this blog in a while]

I apologise for that. But even though training has been hectic the Cardiff Half is closing in on me and fran: we are far from ready for 13 miles. We may even break records for the slowest finish time in race history [still a record though 😉 ]

So as I sit here, tappin away on my phone, travelling to Cheltenham I have come to truly understand the meaning of multi-tasking. My running trainers and ultra short running gear [I’m renowned for my thigh hear attire – I’ll leave the short debate for another time!] are packed and ready to go as soon as I arrive. Life no longer dreams of unprepared days, and I am beginning to love that fact. From pre-cooking meals of delightful protein and greens to checking running routes at every place I stop off, life in the fast and unrelenting lane has gripped my by the short shorts.

Have a lovely weekend folks and don’t forget to check out our donation site!!

All the best 🙂

Adam [still happily #chafing the dream of a marathon]